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Cruise Ship Awareness a proud part of Cruise Bruise Investigations.

The original Cruise Bruise site started a cruise awareness movement on the web. Years later it was broken into separate sites so it could expand into other sectors of the cruise industry more easily. The sites that spawned from Cruise Bruise have transformed into the Cruise Ship Wave network. Cruise Awareness is one of the subgroups of the Cruise Ship Wave Network.









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Cruise BruiseĀ® - The original Cruise BruiseĀ® web report, known as The Cruise Ship Bruising Report or Black & Blue Report launched December 13, 2005. After January 1 of 2014 a new management structure began updates to design, policy for content and core brand. We have removed much of the content from Cruise Bruise and other sites or retired them completely as the new brand changed our new vision transformed into the Cruise Ship Wave Network. Cruise Bruise - the cruise ship wave network should reach 20 million page views long before the 10 year anniversary of Cruise Bruise on December 13, 2015. See: Cruise Bruise www.cruisebruise.com.

Cruise Awareness - This site, listing cruise awareness site features, Cruise Awareness www.cruiseawareness.com.

Cruise Laws - The Cruise Laws Site reports cruise law news, events and hosts a cruise law resource library. International Cruise Industry Regulations and Laws Court Case Filings Involving Cruise Lines - Court Cases Affecting Cruise and Travel Industry. See: Cruise Laws www.cruiselaws.com.

Cruise Industry Blog - The Cruise Bruise Blog, the latest news for cruise lines, cruise ships and cruising industry. The web log activities that affect the cruise industry and ship wave network, news alerts for cruise industry or status of each sites. See Cruise Blog RSS Feed www.cruise-bruise.com.

Cruise Industry News - The Cruise Bruise News is our cruise industry news feed service for the latest cruise news of cruise line, cruise ships, river cruise, passenger ship and the travel industry. See: Cruise Bruise News www.cruisebruisenews.com.

Cruise Ship Complaints - Cruise Ship Complaints are largely reports or suggestions needed to settle disputes from cruise industry services in a respectful manner. See: Cruise Ship Complaints www.cruiseshipcomplaints.com.

Cruise Ship Deaths - Cruise Ship Deaths has groups of incidents related to travel - cruise industry that resulted in death. Statistics and news about deaths on passenger vessels at sea or in connection to port activities. See: Cruise Ship Deaths www.cruiseshipdeaths.com.

Cruise Ship Drugs - Cruise Ship Drugs monitors drug trade around cruise ships. Designed to provide insight to common drugs, how they are used by others, how that use could affect the travel and cruise industry. See: Cruise Ship Drugs www.cruiseshipdrugs.com.

Cruise Ship Fires - Cruise Ship Fires, listing events related to fire and related disaster incidents at sea, port or fire events near passenger ships. See Cruise Ship Fires www.cruiseshipfires.com.

Cruise Ship Missing - Cruise Ship Missing, news and reporting of passenger or crew missing from ships at sea, cruise ship at port or direct relation to a cruise. Our news reporting is mimited to missing persons from cruise and passenger vessels only where the names are found or the event is confirmed by a reasonable news source. See: Cruise Ship Missing www.cruiseshipmissing.com.

Cruise Ship Sinking - Cruise Ship Sinking news, events and statistics where the ship is named or the event is reported from a verifiable resource. See Cruise Ship Sinking www.cruiseshipsinking.com.

Cruise Ship Weather - Cruise Ship Weather - The Cruise Ship Weather Network - Real Time Cruise Ship Weather Graphics For Cruise Ships and Cruise Ship Ports Around The World Cruise Ship Rogue Wave Watch Cruise Ship Hurricane Watch Cruise Ship Tropical Storm Warnings. See: Cruise Ship Weather www.cruiseshipweather.com.